G MC’s Earth Week kicked off its celebrations Saturday, April 13, with the Spotlight on Local Businesses at St. Raphael’s Church.

On Monday, April 15, members of the campus community also had the opportunity to enjoy speaker Tom Burrell lecturing about racial divide and the role of media in society. On the following day, there was a blood drive and the Kick-off Parade that started their march on the lawn of Cree and Lyman.

Annie Parham ’13 organized the parade that counted on the support of the Sustainability Office and several student organizations such as the Income Equity group, Skateboard Club, International Awareness Club, and Student Campus Greening Fund (aka SCGF).

“I came up with this idea during the Bill and Lou discussions. I thought we should have something celebrating the college’s mission,” remarks Parham. The parade featured 10 larger-than-life, papier-mâché replicas of farmers, animals, and food crafted  by Parham, an art student. “It was a festive spectacle organized and designed to promote values of sustainability and community involvement.”

“When I was in elementary school, we had a ‘head show.’ I’ve always wanted to make papier-mâché heads again, and it sounded like a good idea for my Progressive Program capstone project,” Parham explains.

The Earth Week events also included the Frisbee Tournament and Spring Concert on April 20, presenting bands Eastbound  Jesus, Capital Zen, Jammin’ Toast, The Casual Sextets, and Rubblebucket, in addition to fire dancers and a rock climbing wall.

On April 21, GMC students started to outline the design for an art mural on the side of the Stone Valley Community Market. Katie Mary Rogers ’14, one of the leaders of the Poultney Mural Project, describes that “the mission of the project is to bring together the community to create art and make something that we can be proud of, and to form a lasting legacy in the town.”

Some of the highlights of the Earth Week include the Poultney 2020 Conference that will take place on April 24 to discuss the revitalization of Poultney and the Earth Fair that will take place the following day.

The Earth Fair will be hosted by Poultney High School, and it will start with the Parade for Earth that leaves the GMC campus at 2 p.m. This second parade will also feature Parham’s papier-mâché heads. Over 60 demonstrators will be at the fair to educate the community on a variety of topics.

Bruna Lobato
Bruna Lobato '15 is the Editor in Chief of The Mountaineer. She is twenty-one years old, and was born and raised in Natal, RN, Brazil. Bruna is a writing major at Green Mountain College, where she is a Make a Difference Scholar. She loves literature, good movies, arts, learning languages, and traveling.

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